goalunited - the football manager


You can watch your matches live in the live ticker! Choose your formation, tactics and much more individually! The contact page is your poster child, design it yourself! In the detailed view you can see all of your player's information in one place!


Little time needed

goalunited can be successfully played even with only a limited amount of time

Worldwide Multiplay!

Compete with hundreds of thousands of international managers

It's Free!

Play friendly matches, cup and league matches every week for free.

Play anywhere...

Play goalunited in any common web browser without installation

"Kicking" eye candy!

Innovative graphics create a complex gaming experience, yet maintain simple playabilty

Your cups, your leagues!

Compete with friends and collegues in your own events




414 mins ago rasi69 has bought player Francesc Selas.
604 mins ago Vansen Motors will be the new sponsor for messiteam10 after the current sponsor agreement expires.
606 mins ago messiteam10 signed an agreement with astwerk.com as the club's new sponsor.
811 mins ago rasi69 has sold player Howie Perrin to the bank.
812 mins ago rasi69 has sold player Udo Branly to the bank.